Actually I am Product Design Teacher at Esdap Catalunya on the Campus Llotja from 2013, head the Product Design Department from 2016.
I work as Design Education Coordinator (CPE) from 2018 to 2021.
I have been lecturing in other studies, schools and levels:
– Product Design. Esdap Catalunya. Llotja (2013-).
– Theory and science of design. Modelisme Industrial. Massana. (2014-16).
– Projects IV. IED Barcelona. (2009-11). 
– Tecnologia I. Process and Materials. GSD – UPC. Barcelona. (2009-11).
– Design in mechanic fabrication. Institut Escola del Treball. (2011).
– Interior design, ephemeral architecture and furniture. Deia Disseny (2010).
I have been working as Product Design Teacher in Esdap Llotja from 2013 of different kind of subjects related to Projects: Industrial Design 1 (2017-19), Industrial Design 2 (2016-18), Industrial Design 3 (2013-20), Industrial Design 4 (2013-20), Furniture design. (2016-20) and Ecodesign. (2016-18).
I have been Teacher in Esdap Llotja of Subjects related to Materials, Technology and Representation: Tools for modelling and rendering (2015-16), Materials and Technology 1,2 and 3 (2013-16) and Materials Resistance and structures (2013-16).

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